29 dic. 2019

Billie Eilish mostró a James Corden su hogar de la infancia durante el "Carpool Karaoke" y tuvo todo tipo de emociones

As well as bopping to some of her hit songs, Billie and James Corden chatted about all kinds of things, from the time she met Justin Bieber at Coachella to the fact she started writing songs on the ukulele when she was six years old.

And Billie also took James to see her house — where she's lived all her life, and where she and her brother Finneas wrote and recorded her album.

She showed James the whiteboard in Finneas's room where they planned the album, which is next to a doorframe marking how much they grew over the years, which makes me oddly emotional.

And Billie explained that living at home with her parents has kept her grounded "more than she realises" over the last year.

Just, like, being around my parents all the time — even on tour, my parents are there," she said. "My entire family besides my dog and my cat and my spider, we're all on tour together."

Then Billie's mom, Maggie, came into the room and, quite frankly, made me very emotional talking about how it's felt to witness her daughter's success.

"For a while, they'd write these songs, and I'd be like, 'When is it going to come out? Because everyone in the world has to hear it,'" she went on. "And now everybody hears it. I can't describe it. It's too amazing."

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